How To Generate Leads With Vehicle Graphics


How To Generate Leads With Vehicle Graphics

Some companies spend thousands of dollars on billboard signs every year. While these are often effective, renting advertising space can get pricey. Vehicle graphics can be a great and affordable marketing alternative. When you wrap your car with vinyl graphics, you create a mobile billboard sign that people see in parking lots, on their way to work, at special events, and even while sitting in traffic.

How can vehicle wraps be used to generate leads for your business? There are many factors you should consider in order to get the best return on your investment.

Consider Vehicle Colour

When choosing a new vehicle, keep the colour in mind if you plan to wrap it. If your logo has a black type font, for instance, a black car is not a good idea. It’s better to select a vehicle colour that will offer good contrast and complement your brand colours. All that said, keep in mind that when you do a full car wrap, vehicle colour may not matter greatly since the wrap will cover most if not all of it!

Work With an Experienced Designer

When it comes to using vehicle graphics you are going to want the best-quality designs. Working with an experienced design team and a complete portfolio will make a huge difference. Not all auto graphics are created equal, and the differences often boil down to the skillset of the designer.

Keep It Simple

If you are passionate about your business, then chances are you have a lot to say. Try to resist including too much in your design. The less information you use, the more likely people are to pay attention and remember the message. What counts as just enough or too much may depend on the size of the vehicle in question and how much of it you intend to wrap, so keep these factors in mind when making your decisions. Good designers should also be able to point you in the right direction.

Protect Your Investment

To protect your investment, remember to stay up-to-date on routine maintenance for your wrapped vehicles. Regular washing will not only make your branding and promotional messages more attractive; it will also prolong the life of your investment!

Track The Effectiveness of Wraps Naturally, you can’t click links on a car or truck wrap, so to measure the effectiveness of your vehicle graphics here are some options you have.

-          Use a unique URL on your vehicle graphics. Instead of sending people directly to your website, you can set up a custom landing page with a unique URL. Tools such as Google Analytics can help you track the visitors going to this page. This will help give you an idea of the number of people who are seeing the advertising on your vehicles and taking valuable actions you track as conversions.

-          Use a custom phone number. You can set up a call tracking number. This type of service can give you a complete report of the people calling that specific number. This will help you track how many people are reaching out to your business because they saw your vehicle graphics.

-          Use a special offer. If you offer something unique, such as a particular discount or offer that is exclusively promoted on your vehicle, you will be able to track how many people ask about that particular offer.

Are you interested in using vehicle graphics to boost awareness for your business? For almost 40 years, KKP Services has worked with clients on design and marketing projects to achieve this specific goal. Contact us today to get started!

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